Out Of The Box Biz
More Than You Can Imagine!
More Than You Can Imagine!
Fresh Colorado Fruit & Veggies
Right "Out of the Box"

CLICK HERE for this week's varieties and prices
           beginning 9-12-18
This is our last week for normal deliveries.  We expect to run out on all items, so unfortunately, all items may not be available due to previous sales. 

We will be taking orders for 22# boxes of Jonathan, Fuji, Honey Crisp and Granny Smith apples.  They will be delivered the first week of October depending on the amount ordered in each town.  We will accommodate your schedule to get them to you.

Thank you again for your patronage and trust in us to bring you the "Fresh Colorado Fruit" for a season!

      Hays –The Mall Parking Lot on Vine St. Wednesday’s 10am to 6pm


      Scott City – ShopKo Parking Lot-South Main St       Thursday’s 10am to 6pm                        


      Dighton – Red Fruit Barn Behind Changes Salon                        Friday’s 10am to 6pm               


      Garden City – Westlake Farmer’s Market                   Saturday’s 7am to 11am           

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