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More Than You Can Imagine!
More Than You Can Imagine!
Fresh Colorado Fruit & Veggies
Right "Out of the Box"

Thank You so much for another great season of bringing the "Fresh Colorado Fruit" to you in Western Kansas.  The season seemed shorter because it ended earlier than normal.  But we started about a week earlier due to the harvest timing.  Overall it was a great year, and for that we, "Thank You"!!!

We will be making a final trip for 2 kinds of apples that will be harvested towards the end of September.  We will make them available to you , by the box only.  Please send me an email to randy@outoftheboxbiz.com as to which ones you desire and the quantity.  Please leave me a phone number and which town you pick fruit up at in the year.  The price is the same for either box at $35 for a 22-23# box, the same as the Gala apples we had earlier.  I will call you to make arrangements to meet me, probably from October 2-4. 

The previously mentioned apples that I told you I would bring were Jonathan and Fuji.  The grower called the other day and said Jonathan's were hurt more by the freeze than he thought.  I wouldn't be able to get any of these due to the lack of quantity.  But he did mention that the Fuji and Golden Delicious were going to be available.  The Golden Delicious is a good for eating and some like for baking, also.  

The Fuji is a great eating apple that will be enjoyed by everyone.  They are full of flavor. 

  Also, available is the 8# Frozen, Pitted Pie Cherries for $28.  

This will be my last trip this year for cherries and the apples.  So, get together with someone and share a box if you can't use a whole box yourself.  These are the same great quality as previous apples without any wax or preservatives.  Fresh from the tree, just like our name, "Fresh Colorado Fruit".

We love you!

Randy and Marla Evans

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